Reading the Word

In 2007, I set myself a goal to read through the Bible in one year. I’ve attempted this in the past, but never got very far. This year I was determined to do it!

I bought myself a copy of Eugene Peterson’s “The Message: Through the Bible in One Year“, and proceeded to pray that I’d continue reading all year long.

And, thank the Lord, I’ve finally succeeded (or, almost — just a few days to go!).

I plan to continue this in 2008 … I would like to read through the entire thing again … each year would be nice, too!

It’s interesting that, now that I’ve read through almost the entire Bible, I can see certain “themes”, or when a certain passage from the Old Testament is referenced in the New Testament, I can know what it’s talking about! LOL. I can say, “Yeah, I remember reading about that!” LOL.

Studying through Beth Moore’s studies also helps. She has really enlightened so many Bible passages for me! I can’t read the Bible the same way any more! For example:

I used to get so bored reading through the descriptions of the Tabernacle in Exodus. But now, after studying through “A Woman’s Heart: God’s Dwelling Place“, I am seeing WHY God chose to put in all the measurements, and the descriptions of the items in the Tabernacle. It’s no longer quite as boring. 😉

Hopefully, 2008’s reading will be just as enlightening, if not more so!

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