Lacking Discipline

Last year I read through the entire Bible for the first time. This year, though, I’m struggling to do the same — struggling to even get my Bible open on any given day. Part of me wants to do something different. I’ve thought of just opening the Bible randomly, and reading wherever I open it to … I figure God will speak to me through His word in a special way if I do this.

But, another part of me worries that, if I just leave it up to random reading, I won’t keep myself disciplined; I almost NEED those dates at the tops of the pages to keep me accountable! 😕

< ~~ < ~~ < ~~ <

I have felt, recently, that I should be learning more about God’s character. I can’t seem to attain the closeness I seek with Him, and I think I’m hindered by my lack of knowledge of who He is. Okay, I have some knowledge… but it’s mostly HEAD knowledge. I have a hard time getting that knowledge into my heart.

So, to gain more knowledge, I’ve gathered together a pile of books on the subject of God’s character, and I’m reading like crazy. I’m also praying that God will open my heart to soak up the knowledge of who He is, and enable me to grow closer to Him.

One thought on “Lacking Discipline

  1. Jenn…how about just reading one chapter a day…start in Genesis – and don’t worry about the time it takes. Then journal your thoughts…whether here or in a notebook.

    One day at a time. And I admit, there are days I miss, too.

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