How to Get the Most from Bible Reading

In reading Shannon Ethridge’s book, “Completely His: Loving Jesus Without Limits“, I read a passage from Haddon Robinson’s book, “Biblical Preaching“, which talked about how to make the most of your Bible reading time — how to get the most out of what you read. And, I’d like to share that passage here:

“God reveals Himself in the Scriptures. The Bible, therefore, isn’t a textbook about ethics or a manual on how to solve personal problems. The Bible is a book about God. When you study a biblical text, therefore, you should ask, “What is the vision of God in this passage?” God is always there. Look for Him. At different times He is the Creator, a good Father, the Redeemer, a rejected Lover, a Husband, a King, a Savior, a Warrior, a Judge, a Reaper, a vineyard Keeper, a banquet Host, a Fire, a Hen protecting her chicks, and so on…

“Not only is it important to look for the vision of God in a passage, but you will also want to look at the human factor. How should people in the biblical text have responded to this vision of God? How did they respond? Should this vision of God have made any practical difference in their lives? This human factor is the condition that men and women today have in common with the characters in the Bible. The human factor may show up in sins such as rebellion, unbelief, adultery, greed, laziness, selfishness, or gossip. It may also show up in people puzzling about the human condition as a result of sickness, grief, anxiety, doubt, trials, or the sense that God has misplaced their names and addresses. It is this human factor that usually prompted the prophets and apostles to speak or write what they did.” [Haddon Robinson, “Biblical Preaching“, p.94-95]

I really liked this. I needed a new way to make my Bible reading come alive, and be more meaningful, so I’m going to try Mr. Robinson’s suggestions. 🙂


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