thinkingman1I’ve been thinking, today, about how it’s been a very long time since I’ve ‘rambled’ about anything spiritual — at least, consistently — on my blog. I created this blog, in particular, as a place to ramble on things of a spiritual nature that got me thinking.

So, I’m …thinking… (sorry that I can’t come up with a more creative term, here!) that I might do a “read & respond” sort of thing to get started… I want to read Beth Moore’s book, “Breaking Free“, and then maybe share my thoughts about it here, on this blog.

Don’t hold me to this, as I may not do it just this way… I’m going to mull it over for a couple of days and decide whether or not I want to go the book route. I might just start writing, here, of the insights God gives me, or the funny God-things that come up in my life. 😉 We shall see.

Stay tuned!

One thought on “Thinking…

  1. You know, I’m the same way. I created a blog to explore and react to sermons, Bible study, reading and such and have done horribly at keeping up with it! I’m trying to get better. Your site is an inspiration!

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