Found a new…

queen_cartoon1…favorite Biblical figure! Esther has always been my favorite woman of the Bible, and she’ll remain a favorite. But, she now has a friend to hang with her in my ‘catalogue’ of favorite women of the Bible…

I was reading my review book, “THE STONES” by Eleanor Gustafson, the other day, when I came across the part where David meets Abigail for the first time. And, then I just had to go to the Bible and read Abigail’s actual story… turns out the review book did a VERY good job of staying true to the Biblical account, ’cause it was like I was reading the same thing over again! LOL. 😀 Anyhoo… I discovered that my Bible even had a little text box on the side that detailed more about Abigail (my New Living Translation, “study Bible”, does that for most of the main characters in the Bible). And Abigail has now become a favorite of mine!

She’s strong, and she’s smart, and she’s loyal. She’s basically the Proverbs 31 woman in action. And, I like her spunk. 😉

Esther was strong, and courageous, and I liked that about her, too. Abigail seems to be very similar. Both were chosen by God for a specific purpose… “for such a time as this“. 😉

Anyway. Just thought I’d mention it.

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