Help my unbelief!

doyouthinkimbeautiful_thomas1At the suggestion of one of my long-time friends, I’m currently reading Angela Thomas’ book, “Do You Think I’m Beautiful?” It’s a book for women, all about how God is the only one who can fill us the way we long to be filled —  He is the one who we need to let pursue us!’s description says of the book:

The question is uniquely feminine, and it resides in every woman’s heart, in spite of her best efforts to ignore it. Although she aches to be adored and desired, she decides that it is good enough to be loyal, hard-working, strong, or steady.

But there is Someone who finds her beautiful, who adores her and seeks to woo her to Himself-and best-selling writer and popular speaker Angela Thomas explores the deep and life-changing implications for women who come to realize that. Practical Bible teaching and real-world advice help readers bridge the gap between the life a woman longs for, and the life she actually has.

Filled with warm, personal anecdotes, and written in an intimate, affable style that reaches out to readers, Do You Think I’m Beautiful? invites women to awaken passion, and to meet the embrace of the One who calls them beautiful.

I”m really enjoying the book, so far!

Last night I came across a part where it was talking about how unbelief can cause us to not really feel that God thinks we’re beautiful… not really feel that He’s pursuing us, and that He is crazy about us. And, I thought, “Yeah, that’s true…” I find it so easy to believe the words of the Bible to be true for other people, but often have such a hard time believing them for myself. And, apparently I’m not alone in this. Why do we do this, though? Why can’t we believe these words for ourselves?

Same with the ideas that this book is presenting… I want so desperately to believe them for myself! And, a small part of me DOES believe them… but then there’s that little niggling bit of doubt mixed in, and that’s all it takes, right? Just that little bit is enough to keep me from completely losing myself in the idea that God is crazy about me. 😕

I pray the same thing that the father in Mark 9:24 did ~ “I do believe! Help me overcome my unbelief!”

(read the full Bible story of the father & his boy HERE)

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