lent2Well, I was going to give up all sweets, snacky-foods, and sodas for Lent (which starts today), but I forgot about Lent last night when I sent hubby to the grocery store and made him promise to bring me back a bottle of Coca-Cola and some chocolate (and he did ~ good man!). LOL.

So, I’ve come up with something else that I’m going to be doing / giving up for Lent. But… I’m not gonna share it here, as I believe we shouldn’t really say what we’re “sacrificing” or “doing” for the Lenten season. That should just be between us and God… or, so is my humble opinion, anyway. I came to this belief a couple of years ago, after reading an article about it, online (though, unfortunately, I no longer recall where I found said article). Either way, that’s where I stand on that one.

So, won’t you join with me in choosing to give up something / do something for God for the next 40 days? We can because He did! 😉

PS… I’m not Catholic, but I like participating in Lent, as I think it’s a great idea. Not to mention, I married into a Catholic family, so it’s just one more way I can connect with them. 😉

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