Faith ‘n Fiction Saturdays

NOTE: I am copying this from my book blog, Should Be Reading, as I need more to post over on this blog, and figured that — since FnFS is a Christian meme — it fits here. 😉

faith_fiction3(Faith ‘n Fiction Saturdays are hosted by Amy!)

This week’s question asks:

While books and bookstores in general are suffering, Christian bookstores are suffering even more in this economy. Do you have a Christian bookstore that you shop at? Why don’t you tell us about your local Christian bookstore and the benefits that if offers. If you don’t shop at a Christian bookstore, then please tell us where you get your books, music, and other Christian gift items.

Well, unfortunately I don’t usually shop at my local Christian bookstore. Reason being is that they’re too expensive for me.

When I buy my Christian books, most of the time it’s from a chain store like Chapters… or, more specifically,, online. They have the biggest selection (aside from the Christian bookstores), and their prices are cheapest for me.

The other place where I find Christian books is at the local goodwill store. They have a room dedicated to books, and there’s a couple of shelves that are just Christian titles. All books in that room are only $0.50 (except for the kids’ titles, which are $0.10 each).

Now, mind you, I don’t have to buy a lot of the Christian books I read, because I review Christian books… that’s been the greatest thing ever! My husband isn’t working, and my job is only part-time, so I can’t really afford to buy new any more. So, being able to still read the Christian books thanks to my reviewing has been a true blessing! :D

I really wish I could afford to support my local Christian bookstore. I feel like I’m betraying them by shopping at the chain store. But, their prices just don’t fit with my finances. Mind you, if I need a Christian card, or some kind of “Christian” gift, I usually will check the Christian bookstore first. Christian videos for the kids are usually found there, most easily, too. So, there are some items that I can only get there. But, for books, I can’t shop there.

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