Faith ‘n Fiction Saturdays: Happy Easter!

faith_fiction21(Faith ‘n Fiction Saturdays are hosted by Amy!)

This week’s post asks:

This week is more about faith and less about fiction. Since Resurrection Sunday, aka Easter, is one of the most important celebrations of our faith, I thought it would be fun to share with each other one or more of the following:
1) How do you celebrate Easter?
2) Do you have a special Easter memory?
3) Do you have a favorite verse or song for this time of year?

I grew up going to church for Easter Sunday services, and then going back to my Grandma’s house, afterward, to do an “egg hunt”. Grandma always did an elaborate game, where she’d hide clues around the house and yard (some inside, some outside), and then we had to follow them to get to our treats. The “treats” were baskets full of things like bubbles, skipping ropes, a game of Jacks, and maybe a tennis ball or coloring book. :D

Now, though, we don’t yet have any traditions. In fact, today will be the first time my kids and I will decorate eggs together! We’ve just never had the opportunity before, but they were given egg-decorating kits last week, so we’re making the time today.

Of course, the Easter Bunny visits our house every year, so the kids love hunting for the chocolate eggs, and then finding the basket full of goodies that the Bunny left for them. ;)

As for a favorite song, I’m not sure… I used to love “Hear the Bells” (don’t know if that’s the right title, but that’s what it said in the song — “Hear the bells ringing, they’re singing, that we should be born again…“).

H A P P Y  E A S T E R, everyone! :D

2 thoughts on “Faith ‘n Fiction Saturdays: Happy Easter!

  1. My sister was telling me last night that I could go ahead and read the last of the Twilight series online, that it wouldn’t ruin the others. What do you think? I’m not usually one to do things out of order!

    I need to get my own copy of Thin Within, I think I’ve had trouble keeping up with it because I can’t write in my library copy!

    I didn’t realize you had so many blogs! Wow I have trouble keeping up with one! We don’t have any big Easter Traditions either, I bought stuff to dye eggs and then we didn’t do it! So now I’ve got two dozen eggs to cook!

  2. Hey, Erica — I wouldn’t read the last of Twilight if you hadn’t read the middle books… wait and read ’em all. It’ll make more sense. Yes, the two middle books build the story (book 2 is more about Jacob, and book 3 is about the history of the Cullen family), but you’d miss so much if you skipped them! This is my personal opinion, of course, but I think that the build-up (the tension of waiting for Bella & Edward to get together) is part of the enjoyment of the series. 😉

    And, yeah — I have a TON of blogs! LOL. I haven’t been really good at keeping up with all of them, but I try. 😉 It’s what I do. ;P

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