Pursuing Wellness: Introduction

pursuingwellnessI’ve decided to play along in this challenge to become healthier, both spiritually, and physically. These are two things I’ve felt the need to work on, and just haven’t yet gotten serious about.

Here’s Lisa’s Intro to the study/challenge:

Are you ready to finally get healthy and live wholly for the Lord, not only in your spiritual life but also your physical life? I don’t know about you, but I’m ready for balance. I’m tired of being lazy and having my food intake determined by moods. I’ve had enough of my pants being just a bit too tight and my extra stomach roll reminding me of pregnancy days, without the blessing of baby inside.

It is time.

Starting Friday, June 12th, I will be hosting a 12 week series, which will offer us both accountability and Biblically-based study on wellness. I will be using the First Place 4 Health’s, Begin With Christ study book combined with reflective questions and accountability challenges. Essentially, we’ll look at wellness from two perspectives:

  • caring for our physical bodies through good nutrition and fitness
  • caring for our spiritual bodies through time in the Word and prayer


It is time to tackle taking care of my body 100%. I’ve done it before, but that is no excuse to not do it again.

How about you?

Are you ready to Pursue Wellness for the glory of God

as you take care of the body the Lord has given you?

What is involved each week?

We’ll check in with each other every Friday, sharing in a post at your blog and leaving a link/comment at the current week’s post, so that we can stay connected and accountable with one another. In order to keep it simple, there will be four to five questions:

  1. Share one wellness success and failure from the week.
  2. Share one wellness goal for the upcoming week.
  3. Share one significant point learned from completing the Begin With Christ homework.
  4. Share your weight loss, if you so choose.
  5. Share one way others can specifically pray for you in your pursuit of wellness.

This is simply an effort of sisters-in-Christ encouraging one another to be physically and spiritually healthy for the glory of God. I am grateful for your partnership and look forward to sharing the journey ahead!

I’m definitely ready! So, I’m jumping on in! Stay tuned for my answers to the weekly questions & accountability!

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