Pursuing Wellness: W2, D2

pursuingwellness(Week 2, Day 2)

1) Recap what you learned yesterday, especially as it applies to your participation in First Place 4 Health.

Jesus came to set us free, and He is ruler over all — including my body.

[read Titus 3:3-5]

2) In verse 3, Paul tells us what our life was like “at one time”… today we’re going to apply these words to our health & fitness efforts. How were you deceived and enslaved by the diet and exercise programs you tried in the past?

They gave me false hope, making me believe they had the answers. I became enslaved because, when one failed (as they all eventually do), I’d search out another, desperately trying to find that “magic fix”.

3) What kinds of passions and pleasures ruled your life before Jesus set you free? (Make your answer applicable to those things that kept you from acheiving your health and fitness goals).

  • laziness
  • sweets
  • books/reading
  • Coca-Cola
  • chocolate

4) How did your chronic lack of loving self-care contribute to malice (“ill-will“) and envy, especially envy of those who took good care of themselves?

I constantly coveted the healthy lifestyles of others, wishing it were as easy for me as it was for them; I berated myself for not doing what I knew I needed to do; and I even sometimes wished for others to become fat and lazy so I wouldn’t have to feel so bad about my own state. 😦

5) Titus 3:4-5 contains a precious truth… Who appeared, and what did He do? (paraphrase in your own words).

God saved us out of His kindness, love and mercy. We didn’t deserve it, but He loved us enough not to leave us the way we were. He gave us a fresh start through the work of the Holy Spirit.

6) What had you done to deserve God’s kindness and love?

Nothing. Nada.

7) If you’d done nothing to make yourself right with God, why did God your Savior appear?

Because He loves us and is kind and compassionate.

8.) What additional information have you learned about Jesus after completing today’s lesson?

He gives us a fresh start because of His love. We don’t have to do anything to deserve it. He is merciful.

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