Pursuing Wellness: W2, D3

pursuingwellness (Week 2, Day 3)

[Read Hebrews 4: 14-16]

1) According to verse 14, what role does Jesus play in our 21st century lives?

He is our Great High Priest (in heaven).

2) How does the fact that Jesus is our “great high priest” benefit us? (v.14)

He intercedes between God and ourselves.

3) Verse 15 tells us there is something unique about this great high priest. What makes Jesus different from the priests who ministered to God’s people before Christ came to save us?

He understands our weaknesses, because He experienced them all — yet without sinning.

4) Verse 16 tells us about a very special benefit of having Jesus as our high priest. What is that benefit?

We can boldly approach God’s throne.

5) What do we receive when we come to God in our time of need (v.16)?

Grace and mercy.

6) Reflecting on the inventory you did at the beginning of this week’s study, what personal vulnerabilities do you need to bring to Jesus so that He can shore up your weaknesses with His strength?

  • desire for more than I need (greediness)
  • lack of motivation (laziness)
  • rebellion against what I know I need to do

7) How is doing a First Place 4 Health Bible study, that is specifically designed to increase spiritual strength and stamina, an essential part of holding firmly to the faith you profess?

It shows that every area of my life — no matter how seemingly insignificant — needs to be spiritually strengthened…and that it’s ALL important to God; it’s giving God first place, even in my health management efforts.

8.) How is caring for the other 3 aspects of your being — body, mind, and emotions — part of holding firmly to the faith you profess?

It’s giving ALL areas of my life over to Christ in humble submission, admitting that I can’t do it on my own strength.

9) According to Proverbs 24:10, which we read in the introduction to this week’s study, what happens to us during times of temptation when we’re not strong in equal measure in body, mind, emotions, and spirit?

We will fail, and not be able to run the course that God has laid out before us.

10) How is First Place 4 Health helping you overcome your weaknesses through the power of Jesus Christ, your Lord?

By strengthening the spiritual side, and reminding me to surrender all (not just some) parts of this journey to Jesus.

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