Pursuing Wellness: W2, D4

pursuingwellness(Week 2, Day 4)

1) “I AM” Statements:

  • John 6:48 – “I AM the bread of life.”
  • John 8:12 – “I AM the light of the world.”
  • John 8:23 – “I AM from above / not of this world.”
  • John 10:9 – “I AM the gate” (to salvation)
  • John 10:11 – “I AM the good Shepherd” (who sacrifices His life for His sheep)
  • John 10:36 – “I AM the Son of God” (and set apart).
  • John 11:25 – “I AM the resurrection and the life.”
  • John 14:6 – “I AM the way, the truth, and the life / the only way to the Father.”
  • John 15:1 – “I AM the true grapevine.”
  • John 18:37 – “I AM a king.”

2) What do these “I AM” statements teach you about Jesus that you did not learn about Him on Days 1-3?

He is the only way; He is all-powerful; He is our sustainer; He sheds light on our journey to guide us.

3) Reread the “I AM” statements, and ask the Holy Spirit to show you which one you most need to believe today so you’ll be better prepared to surrender your life and will to Christ’s Lordship. Which did you pick, and why?

John 10:11 “I AM the good Shepherd.” … too often I try to do things (like lose weight) in my own strength — I try to follow my own path — and I end up getting horribly lost. If I’d just be a good “sheep”, and listen for my Shepherd’s voice, following His lead, life would be a lot smoother of a ride!

4) Turn to Mark 9:7… What does God say about Jesus?

This is my dearly loved Son. Listen to Him.”

5) How is listening to Jesus, God’s beloved Son, part of your First Place 4  Health program? Why?

By listening to Jesus, and following what He says, I’m giving Him first place in my eating…which is the only way to succeed (see also 2 Chronicles 26:5).

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