Pursuing Wellness: Week 3 Check-In

Checking in for the end of week 3!…

  • Share one wellness success and failure from the week.
  • Share one wellness goal for the upcoming week.
  • Share one significant point learned from completing the Begin With Christ homework.
  • Share your weight loss, if you so choose.
  • Share one way others can specifically pray for you in your pursuit of wellness.

1a) Success(es) this week: I managed to eat only to “satisfied” a couple of times — by paying attention to my hunger cues so I could stop before stuffing myself — and I managed to wait for hunger a couple of times, instead of snacking out of emotions.

1b) Failure(s) this week: There were still a lot of times where I reached for food when I wasn’t truly hungry, and Thursday was an all-out rebellion… I purposely bought a Coca-Cola, when I said I wasn’t going to drink any more of those (they’re terrible for my health!)

2) Wellness goal for upcoming week: I want to continue to pay attention to my hunger signals, and try to do so at EVERY eating occasion, not just some.

3) I’ve been working my way through the THIN WITHIN lessons, instead of Begin With Christ, because I don’t have the BwC book. So, the thing that most influenced me out of this past week’s homework is… the pendulum swing. I keep going back and forth, and back and forth, between paying attention (“doing well“), and not paying any attention/eating mindlessly (“failing“). And, it gets really tiring. I’m exhausted, and ready to get off of this rollercoaster, once and for all! Time to stop waiting for the miracle cure, and just do the work necessary to get myself healthy!

4) Please pray that I will really focus this week, and do what needs to be done… also, that depression will not derail me. We’ve been going through some really stressful times, recently, so depression often leaves me floundering, and I don’t feel like doing much of anything, most especially avoiding emotional eating. 😕 Thanks.

On to another week!

One thought on “Pursuing Wellness: Week 3 Check-In

  1. Glad to read your comments. I understand about the rebellion, pendulum swing, and crazy week stuff.

    Lord, may you bless the both of us with your extra measure of strength, determination, and grace. Show us how to repent and resume the battle stance. Give our hearts the desire to be bold stewards for you in this pursuit of wellness! In Jesus’ Name, Amen!

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