Pursuing Wellness: Week 4 Check-In

Checking in for the end of week 4!…

  • Share one wellness success and failure from the week.
  • Share one wellness goal for the upcoming week.
  • Share one significant point learned from completing the Begin With Christ homework.
  • Share your weight loss, if you so choose.
  • Share one way others can specifically pray for you in your pursuit of wellness.

1a) Success(es) this week: There haven’t been all that many “successes” this week. But, I *do* have a renewed motivation to really focus on things, and I have had a day or two where I did just that. So, that’s a mini-success, anyway.

1b) Failure(s) this week: I waaaaaay overstuffed myself on 3 occasions this week (hubby had a birthday, so we were eating with family — away from home — and the food was too good!). Not fun. I need to keep in mind that I hate that feeling of being overstuffed, ’cause I can’t enjoy my visiting with others afterward if I feel like garbage. 😕

2) Wellness goal for upcoming week: I want to continue to pay attention to my hunger signals, and try to do so at EVERY eating occasion, not just some. ((same as last week)) And, I’d like to stop snacking in the afternoons, as an added “goal” this coming week! Lastly, I need to get back to doing my “homework” — my Bible study — for this challenge! (see below)

3) I haven’t done my THIN WITHIN lessons, this week, so I don’t have any “insights” to share. I need to pray that I will be more focused, and just do the homework — no excuses. This week my “excuse” was that the kids are home, and it’s just too hard to find the time — plus, I’ve been working a lot of hours, and then had review books to get to in my “spare” time. God should be coming FIRST, before all of that! So, this is another goal for the coming week (see #3, above!).

4) Please pray that I will really focus this week, and do what needs to be done… also, that depression will not derail me. We’ve been going through some really stressful times, recently, so depression often leaves me floundering, and I don’t feel like doing much of anything, most especially avoiding emotional eating. Thanks. ((repeating the same request from last week, as it’s still applicable)). Also, would love prayers for our financial situation… hubby’s trying to get things sorted out as to whether/not he’ll be able to go back to school in the Fall, and we need the loan stuff to fall into place for that to be possible. Pray that he and I will trust that God will make it happen if it’s to be. Thanks.

On to another week!

One thought on “Pursuing Wellness: Week 4 Check-In

  1. I’m so proud of you for pressing on and checking in, even though you haven’t met your goals. I will pray for you this coming week. Lord Jesus, be our everything!

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