Pursuing Wellness Check-In: Week 5

Checking in for the end of week 5!…

  • Share one wellness success and failure from the week.
  • Share one wellness goal for the upcoming week.
  • Share one significant point learned from completing the Begin With Christ homework.
  • Share your weight loss, if you so choose.
  • Share one way others can specifically pray for you in your pursuit of wellness.

1a) Success(es) this week: I’ve started keeping track, on a calendar again, how I’m doing. If I stay on plan for the day, I give myself a green dot. If I do some things toward my plan, but slip a bit, I get a yellow dot. And, if I really fall off, and don’t follow my plan at all, I get a pink dot. So far, the week’s been a good mix of green and yellow, with a couple of pinks. So, that means we’re progressing. 😉 I’ve had more days where I at least *tried*, so that’s a ‘success’ in my opinion. 😉

1b) Failure(s) this week: Several times, this past week, I was just plain rebellious, and ate when not hungry, fully knowing what I was doing. I just said, “I don’t care — I’m doing it anyway“. I’ve got to stop rebelling like that, and remember that my body is God’s temple, which I should be treating with respect. Also, I haven’t done my Bible studies at all this week, and that disappoints me.

2) Wellness goal for upcoming week: I want to continue to pay attention to my hunger signals, and try to do so at EVERY eating occasion, not just some. ((same as last week)) I also need to be more attentive to the spiritual side of things… I have really let that go, and yet, it’s the most important part!

3) I haven’t done my THIN WITHIN lessons this week, either, so I don’t have any “insights” to share. I plan to sit down for a while, today, though, and catch up a bit. Not because I have to, but because I want to.

4) Please pray that I will continue to really focus this week, and do what needs to be done… and, continued prayers for our financial situation (and hubby’s return to school) would be greatly appreciated. It’s our biggest source of stress, right now, and that doesn’t help in the eating department (for me, anyway). 😕 Thanks.

2 thoughts on “Pursuing Wellness Check-In: Week 5

  1. Thanks for sharing your update from the week. The dots are a great idea. I might have to do the same. I know what you mean about rebelling, too. I’ve learned that when I rebel, I also need to repent to the Lord and receive His forgiveness, or the cycle continues. I urge you to do the same! And I thank you for the gentle reminder for me, too. Keep on keeping on! Praying for you!

  2. Thanks so much for all of your helpful support, eLisa! I really appreciate the prayers, too! 😀

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