One in a Million” study, Week 2 notes

One in a Million: Journey to Your Promised Land” by Priscilla Shirer

WEEK 2 ~ Notes:

* God CHOSE the wilderness for the Israelites… it was no accident!

* When we get eye-to-eye with a challenge, it calls out the potential in us.

* Wilderness times help us to see God (and ourselves) in a new light.

* Isn’t it just like God to NOT do things the way we think He should?

* The best way to learn to be disciplined is to be in a situation where you have to exercise self-control.

* God wants to develop us, and He uses the wilderness to do it.

:: What seemed, to the Hebrews, like the best path to freedom, would have caused trials that they were not ready to face. (Proverbs 16:25)

:: The road God chooses for us is often not the road we might expect. He often chooses a wilderness journey for us to give us an opportunity to experience Him in a way that we might miss in a place of ease & convenience… His goal is to make us more dependent on Him.

:: Only wholehearted devotion would ensure their entry into the promised land.

:: You can be certain that God is looking out for your greater good…

:: God sees the end result.

:: God doesn’t mind our questions, but we must never allow our questions to overshadow the fact that God has all the answers.

:: God wanted their allegiance, their loyalty in the face of difficulty, and their thoughts focused not on the big, threatening enemy but on Him as Provider and Protector.

:: Freedom from Pharaoh was to set the people’s hearts on the complete service and worship of God… to acheive intimacy with Him.

:: We must synchronize our primary purposes with God’s… we can neither accomplish abundant life with God nor overcome the enemy’s advances without the Lord’s help… He wants us to lay aside our determination to do life our way and follow Him.

:: God is ALWAYS in control.

:: Never forget that God is the source of all good things.

:: The key to taking full possession of the land God promised was obedience, but the key to finding full appreciation of it was found in remembering God’s goodness and protection through their extended years in the wilderness.

:: The true test of our commitment is best seen when there is no refreshment in sight, just plain after plain of dry wasteland.

:: God still chooses to display Himself to people today when, for reasons we’ll never know, He orchestrates nature or circumstances to dramatically show His presence… He still wants to make Himself fully known to us and does so by working through what He’s created.

:: God gave the weary, thirsty Hebrews exactly what they needed to suit their precise circumstances… God knows exactly what is needed to refresh you, too!

:: Our Father will remain mindful of us, knowing our needs and caring for us in the midst of our journeys.

:: Reminding ourselves of God’s love for us in the wildnerness is always of utmost importance.

:: The Lord will abundantly supply all of your needs. (Philippians 4:19)

:: God strategically places “Elims” (oases) in our paths that will refresh us when we think we can stand no more.

:: Keep your head up and your feet moving forward as you travel on your life’s journey. God loves you and has not forgotten you… Press On!

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