One in a Million” study: Week 3 notes

One in a Million: Journey to Your Promised Land” by Priscilla Shirer

WEEK 3 ~ Notes:

* God is predictable in His character, but He is complete unpredictable in His activity.

* Our God is good and kind.

* It may seem impossible, but God has already guaranteed your victory in Scripture.

* It causes you to walk through the wilderness a little differently when you know your victory is sure.

* Moses gave the Israelites 4 instructions:

1) Be FEARLESS ~ by the Holy Spirit’s power in you, you do not have to fear!
2) Be STILL ~ don’t sit down, or you’ll fall asleep on the job! Engage your will, and have a firm resolve.
3) Be WATCHFUL ~ we’re often too busy looking forward to the next season of life that we miss what God is trying to do for us right now! Don’t wait for the problem to go away — open your eyes to God’s blessings today!
4) Be SILENT ~ train yourself to be quiet and to stop complaining about your circumstances.

* If we really believed that there was Someone out there who is in complete control, we wouldn’t get so flustered and stressed when life got chaotic.

* Two of the greatest sicknesses plaguing Christians today are in the “IF” family:

1) What If…?
2) If Only…

* Ask God for a continual awareness of His activity in your life.

* What concerns you, concerns God. He cares about the little things as much as the big things.

* Abundant life, promised land living, is not for tomorrow — it’s for today! Watch for it.

:: one of the reasons for the wilderness seasons of our lives is so that we’ll start expecting more out of God than ever before.

:: stop complaining, and start asking for and anticipating God’s supernatural activity. Expect the unexpected.

:: God can work out every ‘impossible’ situation for His glory.

:: when we see that following God includes challenges, we start to question His authority. Worse yet, we long for the very thing from which Christ freed us… The idea of relying on a God we can’t see makes us feel out-of-control and weak.

:: when God allows you to face a ‘Red Sea’, don’t become discouraged. Don’t whine and question the Lord’s ability. Expect that God is positioning you to see Him work in your life in a unique and unusual way.

:: every wilderness journey has a ‘Marah’, where refreshment and hope seem imminent but fail to deliver …’Marahs’ position us to put our hope not in ourselves or in the world but in God. We can’t anticipate and provide for life’s trials, but the Lord can and does.

:: Without God’s influence, nothing in this world can really quench the deep thirst of our souls.

:: Scripture is clear that God hears and responds to the cries of His people… He can take your biggest heartache –the one that causes your chest to ache with frustration– and turn it into the sweet spot on which your spiritual outlook hinges.

:: God is both powerful and reliable. He could effectively rescue [the Israelites] from anything.

:: we can’t have the benefits and blessings of Canaan without first learning how to walk through the wilderness in dependence and faithfulness.

:: Yahweh allowed the Hebrews to experience an inner emptiness that they did not have the ability to fill. He wanted them to experience the abundant supply that only God’s pantry can offer.

:: a time of waiting and patience followed each miracle. The Israelites had to trust in God’s love and protection even when the miracles decreased in frequency.

:: the spirit of complaint often takes this pattern. It begins as frustration and spreads into a raging flame of disgust, whining, and longing for something other than what God provides. Complaining is what kept God’s people from passing their spiritual tests… Grumbling blinded them to the fact that the in-between time was part of God’s plan.

:: we must choose to carefully guard our reaction to in-between times (Phil.2:14).

:: discipline your mind to focus on the good.

:: the wilderness is a blessing meant to help us see God more fully and completely, to help us love Him more wholeheartedly, and to show us the importance of committing to Him above all else. It provides a vital and necessary prerequisite to reaching the spiritual abundance He wants to give.

:: God wants for you to give Him, His influence, power, and ability more weight in your life.

:: we must trust that God will choose to work in a way that both brings Him glory and serves His purposes for our lives… the Lord is not bound to our whims… we cannot make demands of God and grow disappointed and angry when He doesn’t move in the way we expect.

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