One in a Million” study: Week 5 notes

One in a Million: Journey to Your Promised Land” by Priscilla Shirer

WEEK FIVE — notes:

* when you break the barriers, people SEE the difference!

* “You can’t do what you’ve always done and expect different results”.

* Joshua & Caleb were willing to do things differently.

* Kadesh-Barnea was an oasis: the oasis of complacency. It had just enough for the Israelites to survive… This oasis had the benefits of the Promised Land, but none of the fullness of it.

* Are we at an “oasis of complacency”? You’ll know you are when:

1) the Promised Land starts looking way too risky.
2) you start feeling like you’ve arrived (like there’s not much more you can do in your Christian life).
3) the enemy stops trying to hinder your progress (you’re no longer a threat to him).

* God has given you a ‘cluster of proof’ about His goodness and faithfulness, despite a life of disappointments.

* are you okay with “just enough”, or are you longing for the fullness God has for you? (John 10:10).

* despite proof of God’s goodness, we still choose to say ‘nevertheless’, and refuse to believe in His ability to care for us.

:: God will always send us what we need, exactly when we need it.

:: getting closer to Canaan would mean leaving familiar comforts.

:: change was indeed coming. Following God’s instructions was of the utmost importance.

:: When our souls begin to stir and the Holy Spirit gently begins nudging us to turn, set a new journey, and go, we can know that God is moving us to a new place in our relationship with Him.

:: if I chose not to cooperate within a new set of parameters, I would continue in frustration as I missed the joy in this season in life and potentially delay the new the things God had for me.

:: your destiny of abundance is waiting!

:: Above all else, the Devil hates Christians who intend to enter new territory with God. We, like Moses, must anticipate our Enemy’s desire to thwart our progress as we move toward God’s plan for us… We are going to have to fight for it.

:: We cannot allow complacency or a false sense of security to numb us to Satan’s advances. Complacency is his most valued position for the Christian. So, he uses fear and doubt as tools to keep us from moving into new spiritual territory.

:: Success against any enemy was guaranteed only if God’s presence remained exalted among His obedient people.

:: We must daily seek fellowship with God.

:: I’m convinced that God often gives us a view of Canaan through the lives of other believers so that we might long for the spiritual milk & honey ourselves.

:: Disobedience was actually a sign of unbelief in God’s ability, as well as a defamation of God’s character.

:: Rebellion, disobedience, and unbelief…will keep us from walking in the full measure of freedom and abundance that Christ offers.

:: When rebellion against God marks our lives, it shows our lack of trust in Him. If we don’t believe Him, we won’t fully commit to obedience.

:: God apparently granted Moses divine sight to better view the blessings ahead. I believe He did this so that Moses would (1) develop a better appreciation of God’s provision, (2) truly long for the fulfillment of God’s promise, and (3) recognize the tragedy of missing out on the promised land’s blessings.

:: God’s invitation to experience the milk and honey of Canaan was not for a select few but for the entire group redeemed from Egypt.

:: Our enemy, the Devil, stands behind any feelings that make us consider ourselves outsiders uninvited to a life of relationship with God. Remember, while Christ offers abundant life to us, the Enemy will do everything he can to steal, kill, and destroy its possibility in our lives. (John 10:10)

:: God doesn’t revoke invitations to a dynamic relationship with Himself.

:: God often asks us to embrace a new phase of the journey that sometimes requires that we leave behind the familiar to embrace the new.

:: Whether we’ve lost a friend, relinquished a job, or even said goodbye to a long-time, comforting habit, we need time to mourn… The Bible clearly supports the idea that sometimes people need to grieve. (Romans 12:15)

:: …they made a choice to stop participating in the traditional mourning activities and continue moving forward in the journey.

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