One in a Million” study: Week 6 notes

One in a Million: Journey to Your Promised Land by Priscilla Shirer

WEEK 6 ~ Notes:

* Joshua made obedience a PRIORITY.

* What do we miss because we don’t obey God immediately?

* Keep your eyes peeled for God’s activity and follow after Him! ~ Ask Him to heighten your awareness of His presence & activity in your life.

* the best example of ministry is when people just point out Jesus (John 1:35,36).

* Start living today like God has already performed the biggest miracle of your life … It takes FAITH to start preparing ourselves for a miracle we haven’t even (yet) seen. (Hebrews 11:1)

* Every good thing isn’t necessarily a GOD thing.

* What “good” stuff do you have to pass up in order to spend more time with God?

:: Many modern Christ followers fall short of placing full confidence in God’s power and abilities.

:: Neither Moses’ nor Joshua’s background made them likely candidates for the roles God chose for them… In both instances, the Lord enabled these faithful men to handle their assignments… Both were sovereignly asked to lead without prior training.

:: Joshua’s quick acceptance showed more than just his willingness to obey; it pointed to an unwavering courage in the face of risk.

:: Joshua demonstrated complete confidence in the One who was on his side (Romans 8:31).

:: God assured Moses that his inability could not override divine ability working through him. The same is true of every circumstance in a believer’s life.

:: Stepping into the abundant life of promised-land living takes courage.

:: The battles you’ll fight and the unconventional means by which the Lord may ask you to fight them will require a firm commitment to do as God asks.

:: The Devil will not wait patiently for you to acquire your God-given inheritance. He knows that once you enter the abundant life of Canaan you will never want to leave. His goal is to scare you off before your palate can grow accustomed to the taste of milk and honey… the task of taking Canaan is upon us. Now is the time to move forward without fear.

:: Will we accept our posts? (those given to us here & now)

:: Often we become so consumed with envy over what God asks someone else to do that we fail to get around to what God asks of us.

:: Promised-Land living is largely about knowing, accepting, and doing God’s will for us.

:: The Holy Spirit gives spiritual gifts to all believers in Jesus Christ. God designed each gift to enable a believer to accomplish His calling on his/her life. When a believer exercises their gift, they build and encourage the entire body of believers. Since every gift is necessary, none is more important or critical than another (1 Corinthians 12:1, 4-31).

:: God uses our current experiences to prepare us for what’s ahead.

((…to be continued…))


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