LPL: God is Doing a New Thing!

This past weekend, I attended Living Proof Live ~ a Beth Moore speaking event ~ in Toronto, Canada. And, it was fantastic! 😀

Beth’s topic for the weekend was “God is Doing a New Thing“, and it was based on the verse found in Isaiah 43:18-19 (see left sidebar for that verse in The Message version).

Below are some of the notes I took at the conference…

:: Do you seem to battle the same thing over and over in your life? Do you have an issue that never seems to be resolved?

:: Forget about what’s happened in the past, and move on!

:: God isn’t telling us that nothing is important or worth fighting for … there are times, though, when He says it’s time to move on.

:: We often try to make something as it used to be ~ we try to recreate what happened in the past.

:: But, God wants to do something NEW!


:: We lose the moment by repeating the past, and by worrying about the future.

:: Statement #1: GOD IS UP TO SOMETHING NEW!

:: “New” means “fresh; renew

:: every 24 hours we get a FRESH start… we get to start over, new!

:: Our souls were created with a longing for something new.

:: The crave of a new pleasure will never be satisfied. What we need is a new HEART.

:: If we don’t have a new heart, the moment the newness of a thing wears off, we move on to something else.

:: With a new heart or spirit, even the simplest things bring pleasure.


:: In Isaiah 43:16, God is showing the Israelites that, though He brought them out of captivity in Egypt one way, this time –to bring them out of captivity it Babylon– He’s going to do so in a new way! He’s going to do an old thing in a new way!

:: The Israelites kept going over their history (release from captivity in Egypt ~ a good thing), when they should’ve been focused on the present… on the NEW THING God wanted to do for them.

:: Isaiah 43:16 ~ God made a way for the Israelites through the sea (they crossed on dry ground)
:: Isaiah 43:19 ~ God made a way for the Israelites through the desert (a desert is a dry space)

:: God says, “Stop thinking about the way I did it last time — this time I’m going to do something different!

:: God is a CREATOR, not a conductor ~ there are no “encores”!

:: God says, “Your ideas (of how things should be done) are all wonderful but… that’s not what I’m doing!”

:: EGYPT ~ the Israelites were not captive because of their sins
:: BABYLON ~ the Israelites’ sin was the cause of their captivity

:: In Psalm 137:1-4, the Israelites are sitting “by the rivers in Babylon“, going over their old release from captivity… they wanted the same miracle (release from captivity) again.

:: How often do we look for a formula to try to get God to perform for us in the way He did before?

:: God says, “I’m far more creative than to do an encore performance of the deliverances I’ve given you before!”

:: Exodus 13:21 ~ God says He’ll go before the Israelites as they cross the Red Sea
:: Deuteronomy 31:3 ~ God says He’ll go ahead of the Israelites as they cross the Jordan River
:: Isaiah 43:18-19 ~ God says He might take them through the water… but He won’t let them drown!

:: God is with us!

:: In the Old Testament, a miraculous pregnancy was given to an old woman (Sarah)… In the New Testament, a miraculous pregnancy was given to a virgin (Mary).

:: In the New Testament, Jesus didn’t part the sea — He walked on it!

:: If God must part all of our “seas”, and make it all easy for us, we won’t have the chance to step out in faith and to “walk on the water”.


:: Maybe you’re in a desert or wilderness season right now… God can still do a new thing.

:: What do you have faith to believe God for?

:: Don’t miss your miracle by going over old history.

:: Even in a wasteland, a spring can break out.

:: God is in your personal business. 😉

:: “New” is mentioned 44 times, from Genesis through Revelation, in reference to “new wine” ~ in the old times, you didn’t eat and drink with someone you didn’t want a close relationship with.

:: When God calls us to something new, explaining it over and over to others is sometimes pointless.


:: the Pharisees were all about a ritual righteousness instead of a change of heart.

:: John 2:7 (?) ~ there are 3 vessels: (1) empty vessel —to be filled; (2) water vessel; (3) wine vessel.

:: “wine” symbolizes the Holy Spirit filling us up

:: water doesn’t change our behavior the way wine does — in the Biblical picture of wine, it has a component of “joy”

:: water = we’re just going through the motions
:: wine = we’re filled with the fruit of the Spirit (abundant life!)

:: the Pharisees took something God had commanded for 1 time per year (fasting) and made it into a 2 times per week thing… not only a “ritual” but a “doctrine”.

:: Luke 5 ~ Jesus agenda that day was healing … he came to heal

:: Luke 5:17 ~ Jesus’ power was there to heal the Pharisees and Teachers of the Law, specifically, but they weren’t healed that day. They were blind to their NEED for healing.


:: We think “new” is too much trouble, and that the old is better.

:: We honor God more by moving on from mourning over our sins after a short time, rather than holding onto our sorrow and guilt for an extended period.

:: We don’t have to stay in our bondage so that other people can relate to us — they are drawn more powerfully by the witness of the Holy Spirit’s filling us. Someone needs to know that freedom IS possible!

:: If we don’t believe that we’re 100% forgiven, pure, and cleansed, we won’t act like we are.

:: Believe God when He says that you’re new NOW!

:: When we make a decision based on who we are instead of how we feel, God gives us a sort of “holy high-5!”

:: God can’t do you wrong… there’s no sin nature or darkness in Him at all.

:: Lamentations 3:19-? ~ “call to mind“… we can change what we’re thinking which then affects how we feel.

:: Anything we continue to rehearse (go over in our minds) is going to affect our attitudes.

:: Deal with your issues and let God bring healing.

:: Catch yourself in downcast thinking (Ps.42) ~ instead, put your hope in God! All is not hopeless!

:: Change your thinking — CHOOSE the positive! Call to mind Scriptures, and the hope of God.

:: God’s mercies are new EVERY morning!

:: If the enemy can get us to doubt the goodness of God, he’s stolen the victory from us in that season of life.


:: John 13:7 ~ “You don’t realize now what I’m doing, but later you will.”

:: Satan’s not after our health, possessions, etc., as much as he’s after our faith ~ he wants our faith to fail.

:: Revelation 21:1-5 ~ “new” heaven and earth ~ “I am making EVERYTHING new!


:: Romans 8 ~ the whole earth groans for a new beginning

:: 2 Corinthians 5:17 ~ we are a new creation; the old has gone, the new has come.

:: Are we going to be full-on into God’s agenda & kingdom, or are we going to keep doing our own thing?

:: We are the new thing!

2 thoughts on “LPL: God is Doing a New Thing!

  1. Wow those are very powerful verses! Thank you for sharing!
    And yes, right on par with what God is doing in and through me in this moment as uncomfortable as it may be, He does work out all things for good!

  2. Thanks so much for posting this!! It is exactly what God is continuing to bring up with me. So encouraging to find this! Thanks again 🙂

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