The Irresistable Revolution

 I recently read this book, by Shane Claiborne, called “The Irresistable Revolution“. And, its message has really been niggling at the back of my brain, ever since I finished it.

The book is Shane’s sort of memoir about how he and his group, The Simple Way, are reaching out to the homeless of the world, and just basically aiming to love God, and love others. They base their group and actions on the original Way of Jesus, found in the second chapter of the book of Acts (in the Bible).

This book really convicted me that I’m not doing anything much for God… I read my Bible, and I meet with other Christians on a fairly regular basis, but what else shows the world that I follow Jesus? What sets me apart from non-believers? Would anyone be able to tell the difference if you compared my life with a non-believer’s life? Probably not… and that’s a shame.

I’m thinking, now, about how I could make a difference in my community. What can I do to reach out like Jesus did? How could I show God’s love to others?

Lots to think about… I will write more later, when I figure out how to say what I’m feeling and thinking about. 😉

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