Through Any Media…

I’ve been reading through the young adult fiction series, “The House of Night” by P.C. & Kristin Cast ((click here to read a summary of the series, if you’re not familiar with it)).

Much as this series talks a lot about things contrary to Christian beliefs (like reincarnation, magick, travelling between spirit realms, etc), I’m finding much in these books that is helping to strengthen my belief in (the Christian) God.

For example, the HoN school’s primary deity is their goddess, Nyx. But, Nyx is portrayed how many deeply devoted Christians often talk about God: always there for you, caring deeply about every aspect of your life, giving you gifts that help others, etc.

So I find myself almost better able to relate to God by reading about Nyx. It’s bringing the qualities I know to be true of Almighty God to life for me, helping them to become more “real”, in a sense.

This is just one more example of how God can use ANY sort of media to reach us! Even vampire books! LOL. 😛

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