Seeing God At Work… a short story

Today, I want to tell you a short (but true!) story…

A while back, I was stuck in a crummy, part-time, minimum-wage job. It would have been great, except that my managers were micro-managing and not encouraging teamwork (they encouraged everyone to compete against one another, instead), they spitefully gave me very few hours (despite knowing that I was trying to provide for my family of 4), and the job itself got just plain boring & repetitive. So, I prayed for a way out. And, I prayed & I prayed & I prayed… for months!

All the while, I was applying for other jobs.

One day, as I was working at my crummy job, a woman showed up who I knew ran a healthcare place in my hometown. I had applied to work for her several years before, so I mentioned that to her then — said I recognized her face from the newspaper. She asked if I was still looking for work, and I said yes. So, she said that I should bring her my resumé, and — even though she currently had someone filling the receptionist position– she would keep my resumé on file because she suspected that her receptionist would be leaving soon. So, the very next day, I dropped it off at her office, and then began to wait.

Well, I didn’t hear back from her, and it was really disheartening. But, I kept applying to other places, and I kept praying for God to send me something.

Six months later, I had an interview with one of the jobs I’d applied for. And, I really thought I was going to get it, too! But, then they called to say they had chosen someone more qualified. And, I was crushed…

…until I talked to my neighbor, whose mother frequently visits the aforementioned healthcare facility. Apparently the receptionist had now left, and the owner was without someone to fill the spot. So my neighbor suggested that I go and reapply. Which I did.

Now, here’s where it gets cool… 😉

About a week after reapplying to the healthcare facility, I get an email from the owner saying that, while she was choosing to go without a receptionist for a while, she also knew of someone else –in town– that was hiring. She passed along this other woman’s e-mail address, and wished me luck. And, I was thoroughly touched! She didn’t have to go out of her way to do this for me, and yet, she did.

Right away, I contacted this other woman, via email, forwarding on my resumé, and saying I was very interested in the job. Well, she wrote me back the next morning to say that the job wasn’t for a receptionist position, but to be a personal assistant in this office of her’s. She said, though, that if I was still interested, I could call her to set up an interview. And, I did.

Finally, there was hope!

Sure enough, the very next day I had an interview at this office. And, I felt that it went really well. I could already see God’s hand all over this whole story, but tried to contain myself, as I didn’t want to put too much hope into it, for fear it wouldn’t work out.

But, a week later, I got a call to go in for a second interview at this same office… and that’s where they told me that they wanted to hire me! 😀 So, I accepted the offer, and started the following week! Shortly thereafter, I quit my other (crummy) job.

Last, but not least, the new job required me to get a car so that I could drive around running errands for my boss — and get back and forth to work, of course. Hubby & I have had only one vehicle for the whole 12 years we’ve been married, so the thought of having my own wheels was thrilling. And, sure enough, not long after, we found me a cheap –but awesome!– used vehicle.

So, I am praising God! He sent that healthcare woman in to my workplace… He had all of the other places not work out, all the way up until this other (office) job was available… and then He provided both the job, and a car! Whoohoo!

The new job is certainly not boring! LOL. It’s going to take some time to learn all of the details, but I’m enjoying the fact that I am now working in an office, instead of retail. It’s such a breath of fresh air! And, I love that I now have my weekends and evenings free, too! With our current family situation, it suits us much better, and makes things a lot easier.

The moral of the story: Always watch for God’s hand at work in your life! He’s always there, taking care of the details, even when it seems that all hope is lost. 😉

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