While I’m getting a lot out of this “Experiencing God” Bible study (Henry & Richard Blackaby, Claude King), I’m also questioning parts. Here is some of what’s bugging me…

p. 39 ~ “Open and closed doors do not always indicate God’s guidance. Check to see that prayer, the Scriptures, and circumstances agree on the direction you sense God leading you.

This is both good and bad… I’m not sure I agree about the open/closed doors thing, though. I think God closes doors (opportunities) when it isn’t yet the right time — or, perhaps it isn’t the right opportunity. And, I believe He opens the doors when it is the right time/opportunity. But, I also definitely believe that you still need to check yourself against the Scriptures & such — and be in prayer, asking God for His clear direction — too. If you have the relationship with God, in the first place, I think it’ll be pretty clear from the above-mentioned sources whether/not God is leading you in a particular direction… opening/closing the door for that opportunity.

This one (below) really gets me ruffled…

p.45 ~ “In Scripture, God is not often seen coming and speaking to people just for conversation’s sake… When God speaks to you through the Bible, prayer, circumstances, the church, or another way, He has a purpose in mind for your life… He speaks to His servant when He is ready to move. Otherwise, He wouldn’t speak to you.”

Oh, really? Well, what about Adam & Eve? God walked with them in the Garden… and I’m sure they had plenty of conversation, just for the sake of their relationship! And, speaking of which, if God doesn’t talk to us at any time other than when He wants to do something, how on earth are we supposed to have a “relationship” with Him? Isn’t a relationship about speaking back & forth? about two people getting to know each other (obviously, in this case, God already knows us fully, but, humor me here…). 😉 I just don’t know that I believe what the authors are saying here. But, I’ve consulted with someone who I know happens to be an “expert” in this, and am awaiting a response. I’ll make note of it here, later.

p. 49 ~ “If what you’re thinking makes sense to you, it’s probably not from God.”

I can see how this could be true in some instances. For example, yes, God is oftentimes unpredictable. He often asks us to do things that don’t necessarily make sense to us. That doesn’t necessarily mean, though, that every time something actually does make sense to us, that it isn’t from God. God is not a God of chaos. He’s a God of order.

But, anything that goes against what the Bible says won’t be something from God. God will never ask us to do something that’s contrary to His Word.

** If you have any thoughts on any of this, please share! I’m still questioning, and would love to hear others’ opinions. Thanks in advance! **

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