What God’s Been Teaching Me Lately… (Feb.27)

Through several sources, the same themes keep popping up… and that almost always means that God is trying to get my attention! 😉

Not only am I learning this stuff from my current Bible study homework (“Experiencing Godby Henry & Richard Blackaby), but I also read it again in my review book, “Lazarus Awakening” by Joanna Weaver… and some of it popped up elsewhere, too!

Lesson 1: We can’t make our plans and then ask God to bless them. Instead, we are to ask God what His plans are, and then join Him in those! (see Proverbs 16:9)

“Part of putting childish ways behind us,
spiritually speaking, involves setting aside
our misconceptions that if God loves us,
He must act according to our specifications,
our scripts, and especially our time lines.”
~ Joanna Weaver, “Lazarus Awakening

Lesson 2: God doesn’t want us following a formula in our faith, or in our relationship with Him.

“I wish I could outline
Ten Easy Steps to Hear God Speak ~ Guaranteed!
That would appeal to our
human craving for formulas.
But God’s communication is far
more individualized and intimate
than anything a self-help bestseller could teach.”
~ Joanna Weaver, “Lazarus Awakening

• Lesson 3: Knowing God better helps me to hear Him better… I need to spend time in growing my relationship with Him.

“Since intimacy with us has always
been God’s goal, it makes sense that
hearing His voice would be linked to that
very thing. The better we get to know Him,
in other words,
the better we hear Him.”
~ Joanna Weaver, “Lazarus Awakening

Lesson 4: God speaks to me, personally.

“…I believe the Lord is speaking to me
more often than I know.
The problem is, I’m not always listening.”
~ Joanna Weaver, “Lazarus Awakening

Lesson 5: God wants a LOVE relationship with me.

“…for I have ransomed you.
      I have called you by name; you are mine
…because you are precious to me.
      You are honored, and I love you
…You have been chosen to know me, believe in me,
      and understand that I alone am God.
…(Isaiah 43:1, 4, 10…)

Lesson 6: God’s silence doesn’t indicate His rejection of me.

“The teacher is always silent during a test.”
~ Joanna Weaver, quoting Diane Freitag,
in “Lazarus Awakening

Lesson 7: I need to know who I am, and WHOSE I am.

“…two very important things we cannot
live without: …identity…and security.”
~ Joanna Weaver, “Lazarus Awakening


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