Experiencing God ~ a poem to wrap it up

Our ladies’ Bible study of Henry Blackaby’s “Experiencing God” is about to wrap up. Our group leader has asked me to contribute by providing a poem, prayer, or blessing to give to the ladies … something they can take home with them at the end of the study.

Well, I’ve been searching through the Internet for something like this, and just not finding what I’m looking for. And, I’ve gone through numerous books in my own collection, and still haven’t found what I’m looking for. So, I finally gave up — and wrote my own poem to sum up “Experiencing God“. I based it off the “7 Realities” found throughout the book. 😉

You are at work through every aspect
Of our daily lives
If we’d just pay attention, wait
And open up our eyes

You lovingly pursue us, call us
Into loving arms
Your love is real and personal
Not fake and full of charms

We all have been invited
To do what we see You do
You’ll do a God-sized work through us
And it’ll change us through and through

You speak to us, Lord, to reveal Your plans
Your purposes and ways
Through the church and prayer and circumstances
Your Word comes to life today

Sometimes we get to doubting
That what we’ve heard is from You
But if we act in faith on what we’ve heard
We’ll know it’s true

You ask us to adjust our lives
To join You in Your plans
We can trust that, if we do so,
You’ll hold us safe in Your hands

As we work to obey You, God
In all you ask, we trust
That the world will be changed for the better
By experiencing God through us.

© 2011, Kate Matthews

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