Stronger Than It Seems

Today, in my Inbox, I received a post from Sarah Markley’s blog, titled, “When Life & God Split Us“. Reading through it, I was like, “Aha! That is exactly it!

I tried to write a somewhat similar post a while back, but it didn’t come out exactly right. Sarah’s post says it so much better! I liked where she wrote:

And maybe Jesus also sets us free from legalism-speak, and free from extra Praise-The-Lords and If-It’s-In-His-Will’s. Maybe I don’t have to say those things at every breath to still be called Daughter and Sister!

It doesn’t mean that I don’t love God. In fact, for me it means the opposite.

She also writes:

…to show that I can still love Jesus and drink a glass of good wine, that I can still believe well and not use language dripping with Christian-speak...

…and this…

…the Holy Spirit can indwell me even when my faith is a little outside of the box.

Yes, yes, YES! This is just how I feel! Just because my faith looks different from what you imagine it should look like, doesn’t mean that I don’t have a strong faith in God. It doesn’t mean that I am backslidden.

My own faith has always been “a little outside of the box“. I think that’s why I don’t get along well with a lot of other Christians, and why I’ve lost certain friendships — or, as Sarah says, our faith has “split us”. People are always afraid of what’s “different”.

It’s not that I try to be contrary, or different. I just don’t buy into the need to use Christian-speak, or the need to keep my stuff all locked up so that the outside looks “shiny” and “perfect”. I can’t stand people who pretend that their life is totally fine and they don’t have any problems. That isn’t reality. Sure, your outlook on life can be positive! But, you can’t tell me that you don’t have any problems, ’cause I’m not buying it. Not in the least.

Who says we have to pretend we have it all together?

Who says we have to not have any flaws in order to be called “Christian”?

Jesus said, “In this world you will have troubles… but take heart, I have overcome the world!” (John 16:33)

I hate that our faith splits us. But, if it means that my faith is real and authentic, so be it. I’d much rather live authentically, then pretend to have it all together and find out I wasn’t as close to God as I thought.


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