Blog-Hopping (Feb.27)

Today I’ve been blog-hopping… and reading articles I’ve found on these new blogs. And, some of them were just soooo good, I had to share!

At, I found this post, the other day, about Why Some People Don’t Like Christians… and it really resonated with me. From there, I found her other post about how church should be more Like Going to a Bar… I’m telling you, this is GOOD READING!

Then, from that blog, I found Leigh’s blog, HopefulLeigh. And, her post, “Defining Me, Defining My Faith” was really inspiring. How do you define your faith? This kind of reminds me of the question asked in a video I was watching at my church, the other night: Have you sat down with Jesus to have the DTR talk? (Defining The Relationship) ~ figuring out where you stand?

And, lastly, I found Rebekah Gilbert’s blog, A New Song to Sing, and really liked her post about Distorted Views. Oh, how many “distorted” views I have! This blog post was convicting.

So, I encourage you today to go on over and read these posts… and hey, come back and let me know what you think! We’ll talk. 😉