from “Divine Obsession” by Rob Hensser

This has got to be my all-time favorite retelling of the Creation story… taken from Rob Hensser’s book, “Divine Obsession” (pages 56-57):

“…Finally, the Father did something completely different. Until that point, God had just spoken the word, and everything in creation had come into existence. This time the creator got down onto His hands and knees and began to pull the dust and dirt together, forming man.

“Lovingly and tenderly, He personally molded the shape of man with His own hands. Then the Father leaned over and His lips touched Adam’s in the most intimate, holy kiss, as God breathed life into him. Adam’s chest suddenly inflated as air surged into his lungs for the first time. His back arched off the ground as his body filled with the sweet, humid air. His eyes fluttered and slowly opened. Light streamed into his eyes for the very first time.

“The first thing Adam saw when he opened his eyes was God’s face, just a few inches from his own. He felt the warmth of God’s breath on him. Unable to contain His excitement and pride, the Father was grinning from ear to ear.

“The Father slipped His arms around Adam and carefully helped him stand up. He held His wobbly friend until strength flowed into his leg muscles. Adam rose shakily, swaying to and fro as he stood for the first time. Not willing to wait a moment longer, the Father began to tug at Adam, “Come on, let Me show you around.”

“Throwing His arm around His friend, God excitedly and proudly took Adam on a tour of his new home. “This is all for you; here is every green plant for food” (from Genesis 1:29,30).”

Don’t you just LOVE that?! I have always held this crazy belief that God is so solemn and serious… so this view of Him as giddy as a kid on Christmas morning just has me tickled! I can totally picture Him getting this excited… and it helps me feel that maybe God IS crazy-in-love with me. 😉


from “Jesus In the Margins” by Rick McKinley

I absolutely LOVED this word-picture from page 145 of Rick McKinley’s book, “Jesus in the Margins“:

“Jesus wants you to feel secure, to be fully at home in God. You belong with Him. You don’t have to leave your suitcase packed. You can put on your pajamas and climb up next to Him and relax in His presence.”

What a great picture of God as our Comforter… we can put on our jammies, and cuddle up next to Him. 🙂