A while back, I heard about “Bucket Lists” from my sister-in-law. Apparently the idea came from a movie — or, that’s how it gained popularity, anyway.

So, I created my ownBucket List” … things I wanted to accomplish before I die.

But, then I came across a Christian blog where the gal had the idea to change the title to “Life List“… and include things that would help her to feel she’d lived life to the fullest, things that were edifying, not necessarily just things she wanted to do before she dies. I liked this idea so much that I revised my own list, and created what you’ll see below.

1. Learn to speak Spanish fluently
2. Take up running
2b. Run a half-marathon
3. Work in a library -OR- small, independent bookstore
4. Get my BA degree with a Major in English (& maybe a Minor in Writing Studies?)
5. Travel to:  England… Egypt… Boulder, Colorado… Oregon…
6. Own a Bengal cat (and name it Cairo?)
7. Read 20 “Classics” (eg. Jane Eyre; Dracula; Ben Hur…)
8. Take my kids to the zoo
9. Learn what I believe, and why
10. Read through the entire Bible every year
11. Stay away from sodas, especially caffinated ones
12. Find something to make me belly-laugh at least once every week, minimum!
13. Get rid of my excess “stuff” ~ simplify!
14. Volunteer to help others learn how to read (or, find another cause I care about to support)
15. –to be continued–


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